Finally! My Guest Room is Bigger on the Inside!

Welcome random hitchhikers from the Internets!  I guess if you build it [and @thebloggess tweets it], they will come.  Come for the epic TARDIS Murphy bed, stay for the shenanigans!

I’ve had a very special project at my house this fall.  My guest bedroom gets frequent use; rarely a week goes by that I don’t have at least one overnight guest.  But even with that many guests, the majority of the time, it sits unused (except for the dogs when they go to sleep at night, or run away to avoid their Frontline treatment).  Until recently, a queen-sized bed, night tables, and two dog “houses” took up the majority of usable space, and there wasn’t much left for my hobbies (or anything else for that matter).  Since I only have a two-bedroom home, space is at a premium, and I try to maximize its use every chance I get.

I meant to take a "Before" picture... but somehow I forgot, so this will have to do.
I meant to take a “Before” picture… but somehow I forgot, so this will have to do.

Enter the Murphy bed.

Murphy beds are pretty spectacular.  They are also spectacularly expensive.  I looked around, and the best price I found on a bare bones Murphy was $1899.  I don’t know about you, but I have way more ways to spend money on any given day than I have money to spend.  So I decided to look into what it might take to build my own, since I’d have to put one together if I ordered it anyway.  I found a kit I could buy that came with all the specialty hardware (bed stops, gas pistons, legs, etc.) and written and DVD instructions for cutting the wood and putting it together.  I also ordered the light kit so I wouldn’t need night tables anymore.

Since Murphy beds are the ultimate space maximizers, it only made sense to build it using Time Lord technology:  bigger on the inside!

The first step (after purchasing the necessary materials and tools) was to assemble the frame.  I was fortunate enough to complete this step three times which I think makes me an expert.

The first redo occurred because the young man who assisted me at the hardware store told me it wasn’t possible to get solid wood pieces in the measurements called for in my instruction manual, so I tried cutting some of the leftover raw materials to size and screwed them together.  I wasn’t totally satisfied with the end result, which seemed a little wobbly.  The instruction manual states in extremely BOLD letters not to make any substitutions of materials without first contacting customer service.  I went back and forth a few times until I decided to just call and verify before I continued with the assembly.  They confirmed my suspicion that the substitution would not be sturdy enough to withstand use for long and also informed me that the the solid wood sold in the stores is the standard size called for in the directions… something about nominal 1″x2″s are actually 3/4″x1 1/2″ (the dimensions the instructions called for) and he was quite surprised that the young man who worked in the lumber department did not know that.  I thought that might be the case, but the worker seemed so confident in the store that he had me convinced otherwise.

The second redo occurred because I decided I’d save some time and just have the lengths cut while I was at the store since they could set the saw to cut at the length I needed for multiple pieces instead of having to measure and cut each one individually with my miter saw.  I took the wood home and assembled the new frame immediately.

Yes, that is a miter saw on my very nice Afghan carpet.  It's surprisingly resilient and cleans up well. (I mentioned that space is an issue, right?)
Yes, that is a miter saw on my very nice Afghan carpet. It’s surprisingly resilient and cleans up well. (I mentioned that space is an issue at my house, right?)

It turns out that when I said I wanted them cut to a length of 60 1/2″ – “that’s six-zero and one-half inches,” that the worker somehow heard 61 1/2″… something I was lucky enough to find out while trying to attach the head and foot rails.  So… I took the frame apart and measured and cut each one with the miter.  I love saving time, don’t you?

I then played Tetris for days with the scraps on my kitchen table
I then played Tetris for days with the scraps on my kitchen table

Here are a bunch of assembly pictures.  Counter height kitchen tables make excellent workspaces.

Bed Frame Assembly
Bed Frame Assembly


Attaching the Side Rails... this took some creative maneuvering.
Attaching the Side Rails… this took some creative maneuvering.
Then there was the time early in the project when I accidentally drilled a pilot hole right through my crafting table
Then there was the time early in the project when I accidentally drilled a pilot hole right through my crafting table

It was around this time in the project that I had to start calling in reinforcements to help me move things, stand on things, take pictures, lift things or just stand around and tell me what a spectacular job I was doing.  I have the best friends and neighbors (with a few notable exceptions – they know who they are) ever.

I wouldn't see my living room carpet again for nearly a month
I wouldn’t see my living room carpet again for nearly a month
I cannot tell you how excited I was to elevate the frame so I could prime and paint
I cannot tell you how excited I was to elevate the frame so I could prime and paint

Once the bed was primed, I laid out the trim.  A friend and I spent a couple of hours late one night discussing the various possibilities, and laying out materials.  I didn’t have quite enough for the layout I finally chose, and since it was already after 2100, I was going to have to wait until I could get to the hardware store the next morning.

Around 0200 in the morning, I had a new idea which required completely different materials  – materials I wasn’t even sure existed.  But it looked so good in my head, and on paper when I drew it out, that I decided to pursue it anyway.  I returned the trim I’d previously purchased and proceeded to walk the trim aisle for almost two hours.  My idea looked like it might work, but it was going to take some creative effort to create the pieces I wanted.  Apparently they don’t make the pieces I’d imagined.

My design differs from the actual TARDIS (I know), but I wanted it to look a little more decorative while still keeping with the spirit of the TARDIS.  I also wasn’t working with the same dimensions as the actual TARDIS, so I had to make width and height adjustments however I could without taking away from the look.  I happen to like the way it ultimately turned out, so haters can hate somewhere else.

Getting creative with the trim
Getting creative with the trim
It worked!
It worked!

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I got when I finally reached this point!

It was pretty much impossible to hide the giddy feeling inside as I applied the first coat of paint
It was pretty much impossible to hide the giddy feeling inside as I applied the first coat of paint

First Coat IMG_2744 IMG_2752

It's finally starting to resemble the TARDIS
It’s finally starting to resemble the TARDIS
Adjusting the window frames to make sure they fit
Adjusting the window frames to make sure they fit

I opted for the older blue-gray color scheme because it just seemed to fit a little better with all the other stuff in my home.  I love the deep blue of Matt Smith’s TARDIS, but this is a little subtler for the uninitiated.

Filling in imperfections with wood fill
Filling in imperfections with wood fill
I lost track of the number of times I sanded and painted this thing, but it was a lot.  I kept finding things that needed touching up
I lost track of the number of times I sanded and painted this thing, but it was a lot. I kept finding things that needed touch ups

Before I could begin the final assembly, I had to figure out the lighting.  This was the only part of the kit experience that scared me.  The entire time I was building the components, I wondered if maybe I wouldn’t be better off assembling the bed and installing the lighting at some later date when I magically had the skills to do so with ease.  Because the light kit is a separate component, the DVD does not include instructions for light installations, and the one-page diagram and instruction sheet looked massively confusing to my novice mind.

I finally reminded myself that I would never install the lights if I didn’t do it during the initial build, so, taking a deep breath, I started:  one step at a time.

The instructions said I could use a jig saw or a hole saw to create the holes for the lights.  Um… seriously?  The project had already required my jig skills twice (once for each side rail), and I think they’d best be described as substandard and definitely needs improvement, and I didn’t think attempting to jig perfect circles that would suspend lights directly above the heads of my sleeping guests was the way to practice for the appropriate skill level.

Hole saws are so freaking cool!
Hole saws are so freaking cool!

When it came to routing a dado (you like how I throw terminology around like I know what it means?) the entire length of the cabinet, I had to get especially creative with both my space and my tools.  My test run with the trim router on a piece of scrap wood was awful!  And yet, I somehow determined from that atrocity that I understood the mechanics and the vibrations well enough to just move in straight for the kill with no more practice attempts.  It turns out that my confidence wasn’t entirely misplaced.  The dado turned out quite nice, even if I do say so myself.

My first dado.  It's okay to be impressed.
My first dado. It’s okay to be impressed.

I secured the cabinet to my inverted craft table legs with clamps to hold it steady.  I had no idea if it would be sufficient to hold the board upright and securely enough to run the router the entire length.  It was.  Ready.  Fire.  Aim.  I am so freaking lucky sometimes.  I had to adjust the clamps a couple of times as I worked, but apart from that, there were no snags or hiccups.

The cabinet side clamped to the craft table.
The cabinet side clamped to the craft table.

A few coats of paint to the cabinet pieces, and it was time to assemble!

My dogs were such good sports while their room was under construction.

Marty wanted to be the first to try the TARDIS bed before it was even fully assembled
Marty wanted to be the first to try the TARDIS bed before it was even fully assembled

I definitely could not have done this part without the help of friends and neighbors.  I don’t have enough arms and legs, nor do I have enough strength to maneuver this thing on my own.    Out of respect for their privacy I won’t publicly call them out by name, but they know who they are.

So, without further ado, I give you the *original TARDIS-inspired Murphy Bed:

Okay, maybe a little more ado… because I thought these pictures were way too cute not to share.

The Dog Who Waited
The Dog Who Waited
The Boys Who Waited (Joe's paws looked like they needed mittens)
The Boys Who Waited (Joe’s paws looked like they needed mittens)

It's finished.  Mostly.
It’s finished. Mostly. (It still needs the Yale lock that’s sitting [you guessed it!] on my kitchen table).
And yes, it’s definitely bigger on the inside.  Go ahead.  Pull to open.

"No, really.  Allons-y" ~ Marty
“No, really. Allons-y”

*Actually, I have no idea if it’s ever been done before; I just know that I had never seen one until I built one in my living room.

The most impressive part of this entire project might be the fact that I didn't even break a nail.
The most impressive part of this entire project might be the fact that I didn’t even break a nail.

UPDATE:  Holy cow there has been a lot of traffic on TST since I posted this (okay, since The Bloggess [yes, that The Bloggess] tweeted it).  I just wanted to add that the duvet came from an artist at REDBUBBLE.  Gotta give credit where it’s due.

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202 Responses to Finally! My Guest Room is Bigger on the Inside!

  1. BJW says:

    That is really cool! I think the last time I tried to build anything in my home I was raided by the EPA, SWAT, and the ASPCA.

  2. Chocolate Dunford says:

    You’ve got some mad skills (to go along with your inherent madness)! Nice job, sis.

    • stubbs says:

      Thanks! I still have a lot to learn, but considering my woodworking experience prior to this consisted of 1/6 of a semester more than 20 years ago, I feel pretty good about it.

  3. You, my friend? Are a bad-ass.

  4. THIS IS AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Varina says:

    You have taken my breath away! I want one; I want one so bad!!!

  6. Whovian says:

    Ver nice. Now if you want to make the bed bigger on the inside:

  7. We says:

    Nice work Stubbs,

  8. Kyle says:

    Seriously, how much for you to make one and ship it to me? LOL this is AMAZING!

  9. Papa Whovian says:

    I came across this on Facebook and I have to say my little (well not so little at 14) daughter loves the idea. I will definitely be exploring the kit and likely building one for her very soon. Thanks for the walk through and the pictures!

    • stubbs says:

      Anytime! Thanks for stopping by. And good luck with the build! It’s challenging, and a bit time consuming, but if I can do it, I feel confident that anyone who wants to give it a go can do it, too!

  10. oona says:

    Fantabulous! Thank you for sharing and the picture in the background of Washington and his horse is one of my mom’s favorites. Have a great day and New Year!

  11. sher says:

    Can you post a link to where you got the kit and DVD? I desperately need a Murphy bed. Thanks so much!!

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  13. Tori L. Ridgewood says:

    You have inspired me! I’ve wanted a murphy bed in our little house for years — even considered trying to retrofit some old bookcases — but this . . . This would be shamazing. My son wants one too. Thanks so much, and well done!

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  16. Lin says:

    Fantastic, I am in awe of your woodworking skills and the casual way you discuss the differing shades of blue. Just wonderful 🙂

  17. Jason Luke says:

    Wow that is amazing simply stunning, where did you get the bed sheets there beautiful. What a talented lady you are.

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  27. John Hardick says:

    You did an amazing job. what was the cost. how does the bed come down and stay up? thanks. johnny

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you so much! You know, I didn’t do a very good job of tracking how much it cost, but I would guesstimate that I wound up somewhere near the $850 range. Part of those costs include tools I did not already own. The bed uses gas pistons (similar to the way a trunk/boot operates on a vehicle). It comes down by pulling on the handles, and the weight of the mattress keeps it from closing on itself.

      • Karin says:


        I have another construction-question: is it resting directly on the front doors or does it have some kind of legs when it is down? I am thinking that it looks like the handles are sticking out a bit more than everything else, so they ought to dent the floor if you just put it down as is is, right?

        • stubbs says:

          The legs fold into the bed when it’s up, and when you get it most of the way down, you unfold them. The handles never touch the ground. Great question!

  28. Steve R. says:

    I am very handy and have built many things, even rehabbed two houses and a condo, but this…?

    I bow.

    Whatever cool points I ever amassed, I give them to you. Well done!

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you! But I really don’t deserve all your cool points. It sounds like you have all the skills you need for this project (and probably a few more that I could have used to make it easier). I will say that I was pleasantly surprised (knowing my lack of knowledge/experience going in) at how well it turned out.

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  30. Iain Purdie says:

    And now I need to hunt around the UK to try and find something equivalent… Mind, I’m already thinking of alternatives. A phone box with a Superman/Clark Kent clothes-changing whirlwind inside?

    I’ll also need to save up and find someone with DIY skills who could build it for me. No way would I end up with something as impressive as yours 🙂

    • stubbs says:

      I really cannot understate my skills enough. Seriously. Most of the experience I had prior to this build came in the form of cutting and installing baseboards and laminate wood floors. Both are “beginner” level projects. The only woodworking experience I have in my entire history comes from an “Industrial Arts” rotation when I was 12 or 13. Believe me, if I can do this, most anyone can do this.

      • Twana says:

        I find it interesting that the American made a Tardis and the Brit wants a Phone Booth for Superman…I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the pond ; ).

        Stubbs, I think you should marry my brother (then you’d be local) and build one of these for your new niece and/or sister-in-law : ). Seriously, I’m sending the link to my bro and I bet he hits on you when he sees what you built (he does all kinds of building and wood work).

  31. The Right Reverend Doctor John Bartlein, Ph.D says:

    Hello Stubbs, it’s very nice to meet you.
    What a fantastic project. I now have to build one for myself. I mean, my own bed. Not for guests.
    I do believe you are my new hero.
    P.S. – Please give the boys a pat on their heads for me. They are a most handsome pair.

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you so very much! I want to build one for myself now, too. My guests definitely have the better digs.

      P.S. Boys have been duly patted. They are far too handsome for their own good.

  32. Krista says:

    WOW!!! My daughter is totally in love with this! Ok, actually we both are but since my husband probably wouldn’t go for us sleeping in a TARDIS I’m gonna go with the teenager wants it for her birthday excuse!!! You did a fantabulous job on this. Kudos!!

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  43. Starr Bryson says:

    You are my hero, and I might quite possibly be in love with you. I don’t even care if I sound creepy and that we don’t even know each other; I can’t say with a straight face, I want to visit you and sleep in your bed. 😀

    I am in awe right now, jealous, and in fan girl mode- and so very, very sad I don’t possess skills to build such a TARDIS for myself. And one for each of my boys.

  44. Deborah says:

    Mind = blown…

    I can’t even imagine doing this like… Ever… You need to give yourself more credit, amazing. I’ve been dreaming of making a tardis-y work station for myself (seamstresses need lots of “bigger on the inside” to stash everything) but my dream shall now change. 😉

    P.s. Let me know if you ever need diapers of a doctor who nature – even for the furbabies 😉

  45. Jennie says:

    how awesome and kudos to you
    I would not be able to do I don’t think, but am wondering if the kits would be available in Australia
    I saw this on Facebook and love the idea for a small bedroom

  46. John Barlow says:

    Nice work!

    For future reference, your trim router likely has some sort of edge guide accessory available for it that would have allowed you to rout your slot without free-handing it. Here’s one for a Porter Cable model 690 router, as an example:

    • stubbs says:

      Hi John,

      To be honest, I actually did use the edge guide for part of it. And I rigged a fence for another part that required routing. Thanks for the recommendation!

  47. Ron says:

    Sweet!!!!!! That is awesoem I never thought of that! I’ve seen a refrigerator with TARDIS doors but the bed is awesome. And my girl wants one now. So, my lovely carpenter!, where can I get the plans for one? Haha pretty pups too.

    • stubbs says:


      Thanks! Plans for the bed came from Create-A-Bed [], and the trim was all just in my head. If you decide you want to build an identical one, I could probably pull out the measuring tape and give you some more precise information on the trim work.

      Good luck!

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  49. AmyLynn98 says:

    This is such a genius idea! When I saw it, I knew it had to be shared on Geek Crafts!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  50. Marla Crews says:

    I just love this! Super awesome idea! I’m planning to have this done for my daughter when I have the money.

    Also, may I have permission to make a blog post referencing this one?

  51. Heather says:

    My son is drooling over your Tardis Murphy Bed! This is awesome. What did you use or where did you buy the top of the Tardis (the cage lamp detail on top when the bed is closed)?

  52. Tom says:

    nice job on the bed. I used the same hardware kit on mine. I want to ask you your thoughts on the lights. Where did you mount the switch and are they too bright or not bright enough to read by? Thanks

  53. Allison Bryant says:

    I have to say you have -just- solved a problem that has been floating around my head for a while. The problem: I’m just beginning to think about buying my first home and I own my own business where I work from home. Being unmarried with only two furry children, I was planning on just getting a 2 bedroom place (a condo or townhome would be great), but I love having my friends come visit and many live out of town so I knew I wanted a guest room as well. So I thought I’d have to give up on having a small(ish) place and get one with 3 bedrooms and just have a lot of wasted space. 🙁 But this is a great idea! Thank you! I hope you don’t mind if I “borrow” the Tardis theme as well? 🙂 I only hope that I can pull it off as well as you have. (I have no wood working experience short of putting together shelves, but my brothers and dad have all the tools you talked about so I’m sure they know how to show me 🙂 )

    • stubbs says:

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; I’d be pleased if you “borrowed” the idea. Good luck! I hope you’ll post a link to your finished project; I’d love to see it!

  54. TheDoctor says:

    In the words of the 9th doctor – Fantastic!
    That’s all that needs to be said 😉

  55. Nick says:

    This is awesome. I might give it a shot. My girls love Dr who.

  56. Andrew Parnell says:

    This is Legen……wait for it……dary.

    I saw this on Facebook (courtesy of My wife says its could be a great option for a guest bedroom in our next house (as long as the room doesn’t turn into a shrine for all things geeky). I may be following your brilliant design in the future, having found a supplier in Australia for what appears to be the same kit.

    • stubbs says:


      A reference to another one of my favorite shows… good thing I’m not lactose intolerant.

      Ask your wife at what point something goes from “greatest guest room in the universe” to “shrine for all things geeky”… I am afraid I may need to know at what point I am crossing the line [not that it will stop me].

      That looks like the same kit to me! Thanks for sharing… I’ve had a couple of people asking about Australia suppliers.

  57. Christine says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing! Your bed should be posted on the website where you got the kit!

  58. Amy says:

    I love this!! My daughter and I are huuuuuge Dr. Who fans. This is brilliant! Great job!

  59. Annie says:

    Wow! Is there any way you can make a list of the things you bought, and the prices? I think this will be a nice project to do with my boyfriend. Do you think you can put it in easier terms for me to understand too? This is amazing and I have got to make one. The space in the room is very limited too.

    • Beth says:

      I agree. If you were to make a tutorial out of this, somehow, with a bit more detail, it would probably be very popular!

    • stubbs says:

      I will see what I can do to recreate the list of supplies and costs; I didn’t keep the receipts, so it will mostly be guess work. The step-by-step instructions with the kit are probably the best (at least to get you as far as the basic framework and assembly); I was kind of winging it on the trim work, so I will do the best I can to delineate the instructions for you.

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  61. Walter says:

    One word. Wow.

    Two words. Very cool.

    Three words. You are incredible.

    Four words. I’m done with this.

    Thank goodness you didn’t learn that I can’t count to five.


    I have a confession to make. I tried to watch “Doctor Who” a couple of years ago. I don’t know if I picked the wrong time to start watching the series or not. The experiment only lasted four episodes. I wasn’t hooked. Forgive me?

    Having said that, you never cease to amaze me. Taking the idea and running with it was wonderful. Having it come out like this? Bloody brilliant.

    One question though. Are you in the running to become a companion? Can you imagine that as your final first date?

  62. Beth says:

    Your bed is great! Yes, I came over because of the Blogess, she has it on her blog, not just Twitter. Honestly, I don’t give a tweet what someone might Twitter usually, but, in this case, I would have missed out. I’m really glad she shared about your Magnus Opus because it is truly wonderful!

    • Beth says:

      Hmmmm, to distinguish myself from the bed fan above me, I am indeed a great fan of Doctor Who. I just wanted to be clear. Sometimes you are judged by the company you keep…

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you so much! I saw that she also included a link to it on her Weekly Wrap-Up blog post this week. I can barely figure out how Twitter works myself, so I’m sure I miss a lot of amazing things over there.

  63. angel says:

    Awesome! sharing with our daughter.
    She currently has the double / bi-fold doors painted as such to her “Tardis” walk-in closet with a globe light in the closet.

  64. Matt C says:

    Really great work! I love how you apologetically started from a point of not knowing some basic woodworking like the finished dimensions of a 1×2 through doing custom trim work and routing dados! I also like how you did it all in your existing living space instead of in a garage/basement workshop – it shows that anyone can do something like this. Very inspiring. It’s sometimes hard for those of us who have worked with something for so long just how much basic stuff there is to learn. Good job working through it and the results are fantastic!

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you, Matt!
      I keep telling people that if I can do this, anyone can do it! I would love to have a workshop someday [okay, I’d have loved to have had one for this project], but you work with what you have, right? It definitely turned out better than I would have thought myself capable when I started.

  65. David says:

    That’s ace, properly cool. Where did you the cushions from?

    • stubbs says:

      Oh my goodness… I assume you are referring to the square throw pillows? If I remember correctly, I believe I bought them at Rooms To Go when I first bought my living room couch about eight years ago. It was just lucky I hung onto them when I redecorated and luckier still they slightly resembled the TARDIS interior.

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  67. Julie says:

    I concur…you are one helluva badass!

  68. Tamie Harkins says:

    Yay for strong, awesome women like yourself. Super inspirational!

  69. Ronnie says:

    I convinced my husband to paint our front door TARDIS blue but this seems like a project he might balk at. It looks amazing!

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you! That’s why I built this first… now I can pre-screen all potential husband candidates by observing their reactions to the TARDIS. Only those who correctly identify it without prompting (and are at least amused by it) make it to the next round.

  70. F. says:

    Oh my god, this is the *best murphy bed ever*! I don’t care that it doesn’t match *exactly*. Anyone that looks at it would totally know it’s a tardis. Love love love love!

    I didn’t even know it was possible to BUILD a murphy bed. *genius*!

    I bow down to your awesomeness, Truly.

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you so very much! I didn’t really consider building my own until I tried to find one I could modify. I’d say this is definitely the way to go!

  71. Datdamwuf says:

    Awesome, I want! You really rock, not even a broken nail – I am so impressed 🙂 Shout out to Jenny for sending me here

    • stubbs says:

      That Jenny… she’s pretty freaking awesome. Although, the broken nails were probably avoided due to my judicious use of Hard as Hoof nail treatment every night during the build. That stuff is incredible. I don’t think I could have broken a nail if I’d tried.

  72. Scott says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! I am not ashamed to tell you I am stealing this idea. I shall then of course tell everyone it was completely my own. Thanks for letting the Internet steal your genius!! (Note to self: Ban all of my friends from the Internet to maintain illusion of genius.)

    • stubbs says:

      Your plan to steal the idea and then ban your friends from the Internet is pure genius. If only I’d thought of it myself… but then we’d never have become acquainted, and your genius would not be realized.

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  75. slain genser says:

    You are my Hero! Brilliant! Awesome! Fantastic! What more can be said. I am a knitter, who lives in a cool climate, and while i have knit tardis and dalek themed sweaters for my dog, a loooooooon woolen scarf for me, and toques and mitts with appropriate symbols on them for me, but this is by far the best Whovian project ever!

  76. elain genser says:

    ooops… dammit…typo… my first name is elain, NOT ‘slain’

  77. Harriet says:

    I think this bed is absolutely fabulous! You did an awesome job. I’d love one for my house.

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you very much! I’m pretty pleased with the results. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything turn out the same way I imagined it until now. It’s exhilarating. Too bad I’ve probably hit my peak and it’s all downhill from here.

  78. Iwantmymommy says:

    watch out for the dalek in the yellow suitcase…EXTERMINATE!!!

  79. Lisa says:

    Most excellent job! Your creativity and skills are quite impressive. This would look great next to my Tardis bathroom….

    • stubbs says:

      Thank you. I was just thinking how awesome it would be to open a Doctor Who themed bed & breakfast. You can decorate one of the bathrooms for me.

  80. Marcheline says:

    I have what may be the only technical question so far: When you open the bed, what is holding the weight of the bed and the person/persons in it? From the photos, the only thing I can see are two silver door handles in the center. They can’t possibly be holding the whole thing up, can they? Or do bed legs extend out at the corners? Or do you lay down blocks on the floor before opening the bed? I was going to say maybe the entire wood surface lays flat on the floor, but… the silver door handles.

    • stubbs says:

      The weight of the mattress is sufficient to hold the bed open. The legs fold into the bed for storage, but when they are rotated out, they keep the bed frame from hitting the floor. Without a mattress, the gas pistons pull the bed closed, but an adult can hold it open without too much trouble (provided it is securely anchored to the wall. Otherwise the cabinet would come crashing down). The create-a-bed website has a video demonstration if you want to see it in action.

  81. WondahBread says:

    Fantastic!! I showed this to my boyfriend, “this is the stuff dreams are made of.” Seriously amazing. Can I hire you to build me one??!!

  82. Braddocke says:

    This is the coolest thing that I have seen in 2015 (and 2014, 13, 12, etc…). Does the light on top of the TARDIS light up as well? If so, where did you get the design for all of that?

    • stubbs says:

      Theoretically it lights up; it’s a modified solar-powered garden lamp. It’s having some issues holding a charge, though. Haven’t had a chance to sort out the problem yet. The design for all the TARDIS bits was just out of my own imagination and internet search skills.

  83. kevin says:

    How did you make the fonts?
    Awesome job btw!

    • stubbs says:

      If I remember correctly, I chose Gill Sans because (of the fonts already on my computer) it most closely resembled the font. I figured out how tall to make the letters and used my Silhouette machine to cut them out accordingly. The vinyl I used enabled me to move them around until I had the spacing the way I wanted.

      Thank you!

  84. Cee says:

    How incredibly cool! I happened upon your site in search of tardis gift ideas for my Who obsessed 15 year old daughter’s birthday. Thanks for sharing. I am inspired for next year!

  85. Bailey says:

    Nice work! I built a TARDIS armoire for my 11-year-old son’s bedroom. For the fonts, I painted a piece of wood white, then added vinyl stick-on letters I bought at an office supply store. Once I had the letters in the correct place, I spray painted the wood black. When it was dry I removed the vinyl letters and it looked as expected.

  86. Heeru says:

    Lady, you are freakin brilliant! I run a Facebook group on Whovian stuff and this came across my desk. Reading your descriptions not only enthused me to try and recreate this but I really like the way you write. Kudos!

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  94. Dave says:

    Great bed! Please send me the dimensions. I would love to build one before my son gets back.

    • stubbs says:

      Hey Dave,
      I built a queen-size bed using the dimensions and instructions provided from Create-a-Bed Systems, and then added the trim I wanted to make it resemble the TARDIS.

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  97. Walter says:

    That pingback person really loves your idea. Can’t say that I blame them. 😉

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  100. Zara says:

    I really love your creation! You are absolutely amazing! Are you interested in making this for others? If so, how much would you charge to make this for my bedroom? Can you please let me know, take into account that I would not have any material or tools for this.

    • stubbs says:


      Thanks!!! I really haven’t considered (for more than a minute or two) commercializing this project. I just don’t have the space in my condo or in my calendar right now to do it. I would actually love nothing more than to build things like this for people. It’s probably going to be a few years before I can make that happen. Thanks for your positive feedback!

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  105. Toni says:

    Wow, great job! We’re in the process of building ours. We’ve had the kit and the cut wood for 6 months but finally got busy. We have the platform competed and partially painted, just in time for company next week 🙂 we’ll finish it after they leave.

    Your trim gave us some great ideas for our own.


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  107. Phillip B says:

    So, when will you be mass-producing this? My daughter is a major Dr. Who fan — she would freak out at this amazing bed.

    • stubbs says:

      As soon as I win Powerball, and/or find another way to become independently wealthy. Which might be a while because I don’t actually play the lottery.

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  111. Steve Baker says:


    Great article.

    Would we be able to feature / re-post this on our wall bed site in the UK? Happy to make a donation to a charity of your choice in return.



    • stubbs says:

      Absolutely! Thanks!

      My favorite charities are: The Puppy Rescue Mission and The Captain Joseph House Foundation; I have personal ties to both (my dogs are Afghan rescues brought home courtesy of PRM, and I served in Afghanistan with Joseph, for whom the CJHF is named); however, if there is a charity you are fond of locally that takes care of a cause near and dear to your heart [since these are primarily US], I wholeheartedly encourage you to donate there. Thanks for your generous offer!

  112. EAT SHIT says:

    You showed nothing about the mechanism of the Murphy bed its self. your post should be how to paint a murphy bed like a TARTUS!!! thats all you did. You did not, in any way, show how to build a murphy bed!!!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!

  113. EAT SHIT says:

    you can moderate all you want but what you should be doing is fixing faulty posts. the web is so conviluted with CRAP that it would be nice to have a site that actually takes peoples crap and says hey you’re wrong YOU DIDN’T BUILD A MURPHY BED YOU JUST PAINTED ONE TO LOOK LIKE A TARTUS!!!!!!!

    • stubbs says:

      Not moderating for content, I just have all comments on an auto-moderate because I get a lot of spam. I don’t log on every day. You’re right that I didn’t show all the details of building it, but I also showed a little more than just painting. The link to where I purchased the mechanism and detailed instructions were all linked in the post, so if you want the step-by-step (it even comes with a DVD) and specific hardware, then I recommend purchasing the kit. I wasn’t about to post their detailed instructions as they’d probably slap me with a lawsuit for doing so. Also, you may wish to apply a spell-checker to your comments if you are going to engage in self-righteous internet policing, otherwise you come off looking pretty idiotic.

  114. Bruffy the Squirrel Slayer says:

    Hey there! I know this is a bit late and I hope you are still answering the comments to this post despite the negative commentary above. You did a fabulous job! Do you have the info for the paint color you used? I, too, would prefer to go more blue gray. Thanks again for posting this awesome tutorial!

    • stubbs says:

      I am still replying to comments! I will double check on the pain color when I’m next at Lowe’s (as I don’t have the paint can anymore) and let you know. Really, I just went through the blues until I found one that I liked, but I cannot recall what it was off the top of my head.

  115. Mike K says:

    I would just like to say THANK YOU!!!! Discovered your site around the first of the year,
    in the wee hours of the morning while checking out the idea of replacing the futon in our guest room with a Murphy bed, saw the Tardis and said Brilliant. Ordered the kit which then sat in the garage for 3 months, but we now have a completed Tardis of our own.

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  117. Moolala says:

    I know several have asked earlier in the feed, and I apologize if I missed your response. I understand the basic queen bed instructions/materials are included with the murphy bed mechanism/kit when purchased. But did you ever compile a list of materials with dimensions necessary to replicate the masterpiece Tardis facelift you applied to the bed? Finally getting a new residence, with an empty room/office into which this would fit perfectly. 🙂

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