Warning: This Post is Overrated…

…Like Michael Jordan’s professional sports comeback when he opted to play baseball.  Sure the fans were screaming for him to come out of retirement to make life meaningful again.  And sure, MLB was hoping to once again become America’s favorite sport to watch, instead of merely providing the backdrop for dramatic motion picture story lines. And sure, Michael Jordan was still a phenomenal athlete by anyone’s standards.  But it still just wasn’t the same.  It was the same Michael, but it wasn’t the same number 23.  It wasn’t even 23 at all.  It was 45.

I had high hopes for my triumphant return to blogging after several months weeks off.  You would not believe the number of posts going through my head that I haven’t written.  And as each second ticked by, each blog post became less and less worthy of being the comeback post.  They weren’t funny enough.  They weren’t bold enough.  They weren’t solid enough.  They weren’t controversial enough.  They weren’t relevant enough.  They just weren’t enough.  And like Michael Jordan, they were never going to measure up to the hype.

So I set my sights lower.

Much lower.

Until I found myself staring at the interior of a mostly empty fridge devoid of any inspiration, but hungry nonetheless.

So without further ado, I don’t even bring you a recipe.  I bring you Desperation Casserole.

A quick inventory revealed fresh southwest style hash browns about to expire, six eggs, a jar of unopened green tomatillo salsa (I don’t even know, is that Salsa Verde?) made by my best friend, a can of black beans, and some cheese.

I turned the oven to preheat at 350 or 375, I don’t even know.  I smashed the hash browns into the bottom of a glass dish.  It wasn’t big enough.  So I scrapped that idea, put the dish in the sink and pulled out the 9×13.  Oh yeah, this was going to be epic.

I cracked the eggs in a bowl and whipped them into a frenzy with a fork.  I might have added a splash of milk which I did not mention in my inventory (along with tuna, a half-eaten quart of sherbet, and some frozen chicken), but which I did have on hand.  I did not bother with salt or pepper.  I had faith the southwest hash browns and the salsa verde would provide any flavor I needed.

I added the uncooked scrambled-like egg mixture and spread them over the hash brown mess.   I rinsed the black beans and added them for protein and dumped the salsa verde in the mix, careful to coat the entire mess.  Finally I dumped a bag of shredded cheese on top.  I put the whole thing in the oven for about 25 minutes.  And then about five more.  Which might have turned into ten or 15 because I lost track of time, and I was waiting until I ate to take my ADHD medication.

It was sometime around this point that I thought taking a picture would be a good idea lest this desperate mess turn out to taste like anything worth sharing.

It did.

Here’s the picture:

Desperation Casserole
Desperation Casserole:  Serves One.  About Six Times.

If I were actually planning to make this again, I would add more eggs.  And maybe some Fancy Ketchup when I serve it.  You know, if I had company over and wanted to impress.

A note about the salsa verde:  Yum.  I am getting ready to move again, and knew I wouldn’t pack it in the car since I’m tight on space as it is.  I’m really glad I got a chance to actually use it in something.  It deserved better.  And for that, I am sorry.

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One Response to Warning: This Post is Overrated…

  1. Walter says:

    Wait. You actually ate that? You are far braver than I. I tip my hat to you.

    What’s that you say? I’m not wearing a hat? No wonder it felt a bit drafty today.

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