By popular (two of my four readers) demand, I am posting a few of my Vitamix “recipes.”  I use the term loosely because I pretty much just throw things into the blender that I think will taste delicious when blended to oblivion, and it seems to turn out alright.  I have yet to make anything I couldn’t finish (sometimes with the [voluntary] help of a friend).  I do have a little bit of a pattern I follow, though.  You can try it out in your Vitamix or other substandard blender, and see if it works for you.  You can always adjust fire and add or subtract ingredients as you deem necessary/appropriate.

Yesterday: (it really wasn’t yesterday at this point, more like last week, but this recipe-like suggestion is now officially named “yesterday”)

Two cups apple juice (provides necessary liquid and sweetener) approximately

Three hands full of spinach

1/2 an orange (just the orange part of the rind removed because most of the nutrients are in the white flesh)

2 thin slices of lime (and I do mean thin)

Appx. three cups of tropical frozen fruit mixture (strawberries, mangoes, pineapple, papaya)… Costco sells a bag with all of these in it, I just filled my empty Blender Bottle with frozen fruit and dumped it in.

One frozen banana (I buy bananas, break them in half, peel them, and freeze them.  That way they are always ready for blending)

Also, I always blend the greens first (plus the orange and lime in this case) before I add the frozen fruit.  It seems to help things mix better.

Today: (Should really be called “The Day After Yesterday” because today’s recipe was actually a much nicer shade of green than the recipe below; not that olive green tastes bad… it doesn’t)

Two cups apple juice approximately

Two hands full of spinach

One stalk of celery (broken in half)

One small cucumber (they actually sell mini cukes; that’s what I used… I was planning to cut them up to eat with some hummus, but the fridge at my hotel was set too cold and froze the poor little fellas… frozen/thawed cucumbers are not an appetizing consistency, but once they are blended, who cares, right?  Waste not, want not)

A small handful of carrots

1/2 frozen banana

Appx. two and a half (maybe three again) tropical frozen fruit mixture (might as well finish one bag before I bust out another)

Green smoothies kill my cravings for sugar… which I never had until I lived with my brother, whom we’ll call Evil Stubbs (as he has a stubby pinky) and partook in the evening dessert ritual.  Thanks, Evil Stubbs.

Smooth Operator

Banavocado Frosty (One friend suggested bananacado as a name, but this is my blog so I will call it what I want.  I prefer Banavocado.  There are more avocados in it than bananas anyway.)

3 1/2 Hass avocados

1 frozen banana (or was it 1 1/2?  I don’t recall now… it’s made to taste anyway so however you like it)

Two inches of Sweetened Condensed milk (yeah, I pretty much just dumped in whatever was left from the can from when I made Avocado Ice Cream for lunch last week… which, by the way, was also awesome (2 avocados, sweetened condensed milk, ice, water).  Ironically I was trying to make a smoothie and wound up with ice cream.  Today I was trying for ice cream and wound up with a frosty.  Don’t judge.)

1 tray of ice cubes

A bit of water (really not sure how much… I made this in stages because it was initially meant to be ice cream, but didn’t add enough ice initially so it never could quite set up and wound up more like a frosty.  Which really wasn’t a problem for anyone.  It was still delicious).

Tomorrow:  (So-called because although I made it today, I’ll be taking it to work tomorrow morning; and I already had one I called Today)

2 cups Apple Juice

2 stalks of celery

1 small handful of carrots

3 hands full of spinach


1/2 an orange

1 1/2 thin slices of lime

1/2 an apple


1/2 an avocado

1 frozen banana

2 cups frozen fruit medley


Breaking bananas… To me it’s easier to just break bananas in half rather than cut them and peel them.  Plus, there isn’t a knife to clean afterwards.  For some reason, though, guys tend to flinch when they see me break bananas in half.  I guess it makes them nervous.  But it’s easier to blend half a frozen banana than it is a whole one, so I break them and freeze them, already peeled, so they are ready to use (not to be confused with prêt-à-porter).  Don’t worry about peeling off the stringy parts… if celery strings are no match for a Vitamix, banana strings are nothing… can’t speak for those other lesser blenders, though.  Here’s my pictorial banana breaking tutorial (haha!  pictorial tutorial… I like it; plus the alliteration of banana breaking is quite inspiring).

Step 1 – Buy some bananas; yellower is actually better for breaking, but I like my bananas a little greener… they are a little more on the tart side
Step 2 – Select a banana from the bunch.  Turn so it curves toward you
Step 3 – Grip the banana firmly and twist your hands in towards you in a breaking motion; splitting it in half
Step 4 – Peel the banana (PS – I really like this picture because of the camera angle.  My stubby thumb doesn’t look abnormally stubby [even if it is])
Sometimes, with green bananas, the back will start to split open before the skin breaks in half…
… It’s called a banana split (haha), but really, just peel the banana and then break the fruit in half
Step 5 – Throw them in a freezer bag and stow for use

Speaking of bananas, for those banana haters like my sister (Hello, Sister!), a half to a whole frozen banana won’t make your smoothie taste overly like banana.  Frozen bananas are nice because when they are blended they have the consistency of ice cream (eliminating the need to add any milk, cream), and they replace the need for ice cubes.  But, if you are allergic to bananas, or really paranoid about tasting anything remotely banana-like, you can use ice cubes and milk or soy or something to add the creamy texture.  Speaking of creamy additions…

Avocado makes smoothies (and soups, and ice creams) creamier; even just a half an avocado will make a significantly thicker smoothie.  Not a bad thing, just something to take note of if you want something to be creamier (or not).

One thing I really, really, really like to add to my green smoothies (but haven’t in any of these recipes) is kale.  It is nutrient dense, and it blends really well without a strong flavor (or any flavor).  Just add one or two leaves and leave out a little spinach… or just add it to the mix.  The only reason these recipes don’t have it is because I’ve been too lazy to go to a real grocery store Costco didn’t have it in bulk.  I recommend it for every smoothie.

In the winter, I frequently use apple cider in lieu of apple juice… and then I use less and add more water.  It’s just got a stronger flavor.  You can also use honey or agave nectar (or sugar or high fructose corn syrup if you want to totally counteract all the good things you are doing by making a green smoothie) as sweetener.  Orange juice is also an option as a base (I think orange-cranberry green smoothies at Christmas time would be awesome).  Really, any fruit juice will work.  Just choose what you like.

Wow, this post took way longer than I would have liked.  But it has lots of fun pictures for you to feast your eyes on (pun totally intended since this blog post was all about food).

Okay, I’m going to continue to enjoy my Vitamix… but I’m not going to write about it again for a while.  Unless something really awesome happens.  But let’s hope blending is not the highlight of my life, or my blog.

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5 Responses to Vitamixers

  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the ice cream recipe….I’ll try it this weekend! No telling what my blender will do though! Also, I used your idea of washing the blender by just adding soap and water….before I knew it, my blender was spewing out soap suds everywhere….I had to blend – dump, add water, blend-dump, add water, blend and dump and wash it out with water again. It’s clean, but maybe less soap next time, huh?
    Thanks for the blog!

  2. Summer says:

    Big fan of the banana-banava-cado frosty (meant to be ice cream). Reminds me of the song “Cocoa Cabana” or whatever you call it. Do you wear a Chitia Banana headdress when you make these? I’d say pass on the coconut bra, though. That unless you add coconut to the bananaramacado fusion. Then you must celebrate by wearing the whole ensemble. And the word was good.

  3. Christine Smith says:

    Thanks for the recipes. I love my Vitamix.

  4. Ghazi says:

    Found this… seemed on-topic. :p

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