Just When You Started to Worry

Worry no more.  I’m baaaack!  What’s up, Hitchhikers?  You like that?  You aren’t Stubby Thumbers anymore; people who follow The Stubby Thumb are now officially Hitchhikers.  I like it.  It flows.  It fits with the thumb theme.  And it reminds me of a time when it was totally not creepy to stand on the side of the road with all your belongings tied to a stick with a bandana and take rides from strangers in cars with bench seats and no seatbelts.  “How far you going?”  “That depends.  Where are you headed?”

That’s the conversation I imagine we’d have when talking about my blog (and between the driver and hitchhiker, but I’m pretty sure you all caught that).

I didn’t forget about you guys.  Or this blog.  I just lacked resources to post.  Time and internet access being the largest resources I lacked during the past month.  If I’d had more time, I could probably have found internet at my local library.  But I didn’t.  If I’d had internet access, I probably would have foregone food or sleep for an evening to make sure I posted something in order to create the illusion that I had more time.  But I didn’t.

Even now, I don’t actually have time to post, but I’m making time (foregoing the dishes, ignoring the throbbing pain in my right index finger resulting from a hangnail I can’t remove properly until I find time to get to the store and expand my nail care product collection, putting off my Draw Something responsibilities, and avoiding the three textbooks I have to finish [start] reading this weekend).  Why?  Because that’s how important your readership is to me.  I can only imagine how lonely and neglected you’ve felt.  Probably like hitchhikers today feel, standing on the side of the highway, thumbs extended, watching cars whiz past destined for exciting places like work and Disneyland.

Where I’ve been:  The Short List

Remember the movie “Mr. Mom?”  1983.  Michael Keaton.  Teri Garr.  Great movie.  I tried to find a clip from the movie to insert here, but apparently nobody has taken the time to isolate the scene I want yet.  And I don’t have the time (or the knowledge) to do it myself.  The scene I wanted was the one where Kenny turns to his dad (Michael Keaton) and says, “Heard you got fired.”  And Michael Keaton’s character responds with, “Laid off.  Just laid off.”  (If any of my awesome hitchhikers wants to isolate that particular clip and send it to me, that would be super).

I embedded a different random clip from the movie (also great, but totally unrelated) for your enjoyment.

So why the “laid off” clip anyway?  Because I got fired.  Well, technically “terminated.”  Not for anything I did right or wrong.  Just because my billet happened to be one (among 65 or so) that happened to get cut when the budget was slashed.  Because the war in Afghanistan has been going so well for so long, we were able to schedule an actual end date for it (2014, in case you hadn’t heard).  With the drawdown of troops, comes a drawdown of support positions and programs.  Thus the elimination of my position.

But wait!  There’s more.  Before I lost my job, I was assigned to work on one final project.    It went really well.  So well in fact that the organization I was farmed out to work with hired me back for three additional weeks of work.  That’s actually a pretty big deal.  Why only three weeks and not forever?  1- They don’t have forever positions available (budget cuts hit everyone).  B- My contingency life plan had something else scheduled at the end of those three weeks.

Those final three weeks were insane.  I don’t know that I had less than a twelve-hour work day during that entire period.  No big deal… I did that in Afghanistan for almost two years straight.  Except that I also lived at work (no two-hour total commute) and had other people to cook my food (and clean up the dishes), and didn’t have the time (or resources) to spend on pesky things like showers on a regular basis.

Now I’ve completely switched gears.  I am at school to be a professional dog trainer.  Whoa.  I thought my days were long and stressful before… I guess it was good prep for this.  My schedule is packed.  I am loving every minute of school, though.  Well, most minutes.  Studying and reading are difficult (today’s shoutout to ADHD), but I am pretty passionate about the subject, so that helps.  A lot.

That said, I really do need to get back to my chores and studying.  Dogs won’t train themselves.  Well, actually, they will.  That’s the problem.  It really is better for all if we’re more engaged in the process, though.

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2 Responses to Just When You Started to Worry

  1. Summer says:

    Good stuff, stubby queen. Keep up the good fight.

  2. MRH says:

    Good luck thumbing through the world of dog training! Let me know when you are available to address some issued here at the ODS!

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