It’s Official… I’m a Google Search Result

There I was, getting my haircut by my awesome stylist-to-be (just as soon as she graduates school) in my friend’s kitchen, while eating some delicious gluten-free pizza she’d (my friend, not my stylist) thrown together, chatting with yet another friend about her upcoming nuptials, and focusing really hard on not crossing my legs, or ankles, or fidgeting too much.  Actually, the conversation was less about the wedding, and more about the gift her mother-in-law was giving the blissful couple (or was it her mother?  no matter… it’s the gift that’s vital to this story).  And what do you suppose this couple was going to get as a wedding present?  I’ll give you a hint:  it’s not my dogs, ADD, or an opinion on various world events, but it is something else I’ve written entirely too much about already on my blog in the past couple of months.

I’ll wait here for just a moment while I type this sentence for you to think about it (or quickly read through the archives) before I give it away.

That’s right… it’s a Vitamix blender.  Anyone that guessed correctly gets the satisfaction of knowing they guessed correctly, and little else, because that’s how we roll over here at Stubby Thumb (at least until we get 100 subscribers (just 53 to go!), and then we’ll have an awesome giveaway, but it won’t be for guessing correctly before I wrote the answer, and it probably will also not be as awesome as a Vitamix… you should subscribe to my friend’s already-mother-or-was-it-mother-in-law-to-be’s blog for something of that caliber, if she has a blog, which I doubt because she probably spends her life living and not writing about it looking for some kind of validation of her worth as a human… which is probably pretty high since she can afford to give away Vitamix blenders as gifts)…

Of course I took the opportunity to shamelessly plug my blog  tell my friend about how much I’ve enjoyed using my Vitamix, and let her know that I’ve even posted a few non-recipes on my blog.  This was my way of gently reminding her that I have a blog, in case she’s missed the last 30 links I’ve posted to Facebook advertising the fact, without coming right out and saying that if she was really my friend as she proclaimed, she would already be  subscribing to my blog and know all about the power of the Vitamix.

She was quite excited and said, “You can make soup in the Vitamix!”  To which I said, “I know!  I’ve made soup, guacamole, green smoothies, ice cream.”  And she said, “I think I’ve read your blog!”  Of course my interest in the conversation increased at this point, and I probably moved my head in a manner that was not conducive to a perfect hair cut, and said, a little skeptically, perhaps, “Really?”

She then proceeded to recount my first Vitamix entry…

Her:  Didn’t you go to the store to buy a different blender first, and then you bought the Vitamix when they didn’t have it?

Me:  A Blendtec, yes.

Her:  And you mentioned another blender, too, I think.

Me:  The Ninja, yes.

Her:  Oh my gosh, I’ve read your blog!

Me:  That is so cool!  (internal monologue… “And yet you didn’t subscribe…”)

Her:  That is so funny!  It totally sounded like you!  I read the entire entry… I learned so much!  You write so well!  It’s so fun the way you tell your story and insert your comments.  You should write a book!  (I should stop here… I mean, it went on for hours like this as I’m sure you can imagine [at least that’s how I imagine it when I relive the evening]).

Me:  (Really, what could I say here that could add anything?)  Thank you.

It turns out she was looking around for reviews about the Vitamix and stumbled across The Stubby Thumb… Google knows The Stubby Thumb is the next big thing, and that’s why it made it readily available for a lost soul searching for answers.  And that’s really what it’s all about.  It’s why I’m here.  It’s why I blog.  (Not like those others who are blogging for some kind of external validation.)

On a totally unrelated note:  I love Ritchie Valens’ music.  La Bamba was a favorite movie growing up.  I always wondered what happened to Donna (it turns out she lives in northern California, works in real estate/mortgage brokering and has a license plate that says RIPRV; she did get married and have children, and she remains close to Ritchie’s family).  I still listen to his music pretty regularly (my mom liked him, too).

I sang this one to my boys tonight; it’s a favorite (of theirs and mine):

I also sing this one sometimes when I am taking Marty out for a break.  I substitute “Marty” for “darlin.”

The above segment was brought to you by ADD.

So now I’ve covered my boys, my Vitamix, and my ADD… all that’s left is an opinion about the world.

It’s hot.  In Topeka.

(That might not count as an opinion.  I think it’s a scientific fact.)

Oh, and one other thing… My friend who suggested I purchase a Ninja would like to redeem himself by letting you all know the best way to freeze bananas is to (follow all my instructions from this post, and then) take a brief moment to wrap each one in wax paper. Then they won’t freeze together.

Okay, that’s all.  For now.  I need to iron my clothes and go to bed.  0500 comes really early (right after 0459 every morning… and that’s early!).


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6 Responses to It’s Official… I’m a Google Search Result

  1. Ryan says:


  2. Samantha says:

    Love it!!! Definitely giggled a lil while reading it.

  3. Another great story! Congrats on being found on Google, that is a triumph most folks don’t see for quite some time. Now, if I may so boldly suggest, get an affiliate link to your great food processor. Might as well reap some extra benefit for that internal validation. 🙂

    Take care and keep on writing.


  4. Insert sly alias here says:

    I’ve googled myself and there’s a lot missing.

  5. Kevin says:

    As I am still fond of my Magic Bullet (and yes, bought directly from the too-tempting-to-resist infomercial (as it should be)), I will have to postpone the awesomeness of the Vitamix for the foreseeable future… which is kind of a dumb phrase, because you can’t see into the future… but you get the point.

    Your blog is make the happy!

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