Greatest Philly Cheesesteak Known to Mankind

Are you ready for this?  Have you been waiting on the edge of your seats ever since I first mentioned it last week?  Are you asking, “Where?  Where, Stubbs, can I get the GREATEST Philly Cheesesteak known to mankind?!  Really, I must know!  Don’t keep me waiting any longer!”

Well, wait no more.  The greatest Philly Cheesesteak known to mankind (outside of Philly) is from none other than:

I know what you are thinking now, “Really, Stubbs?  New York?  Philly Cheesesteaks come from Philadelphia.  They should have the market cornered on Greatest Philly Cheesesteaks.”  But it simply isn’t true.  Someone from New York does it outside of Philly better than Philadelphia does it outside of Philly.

It’s going to get harder to believe when you see this picture:

 Yeah.  It’s a kiosk.  It’s not even a restaurant.  But I defy anyone to tell me street food isn’t where you find some of the best tastiest meals of all time.  It’s true in Mexico.  It’s true in Indonesia.  It’s true in Afghanistan.  And it’s true in the good ol’ US of A (as long as we are talking NYC hot dog and sausage carts and Dominic’s… which incidentally started life as a NYC sausage cart).

A word of caution:  not all Dominic’s are created equal… I would probably avoid trying the Lowe’s parking lot on Military Highway in Norfolk for your first experience.  The meat was a little low on seasoning.  However, the Lowe’s parking lot on Holland Road in Virginia Beach is wonderful.  Actually, Military Highway is the only time I’ve had a sub-standard sub.  And it wasn’t bad.  Just wasn’t the best it could be.

Grilling the Steak

Look at that pile of onions and peppers just waiting to be slapped on top of the meat and cheese!  Note the Italian sausage on the grill.  It’s important to honor even the humblest of beginnings.  Keep up the good work, Clyde!*

If you are interested in condiments (mustard, mayo, ketchup – yeah, people actually put ketchup on these things), you will have to ask.  The staff at Dominic’s don’t usually offer.  As you can see, it’s unlikely such a hot mess needs anything else to be amazing.  But I like a little mustard and mayo myself.  That’s a large.  I can finish it in one sitting.  It’s hard to tell, but it’s at least a foot long.  Clyde just has large hands that dwarf the size of that monster.  You should see how large it looks next to my stubby thumb.

Free never tasted so good!  Oh yes, I have a Dominic’s punchcard.  I keep it in my wallet just in case I ever find myself in New York, Pennsylvania, or Virginia.  And yes, I have earned free sandwiches.

They have a grilled Portabella mushroom cheese sandwich that looks divine, and if I can ever stop myself from ordering the large Philly, I simply must try it.  But that’s a big if.  I have been known to eat at Dominic’s every night in a single week just to get my fix (because when you have a chance to load the hump, you load the hump… am I right?  Just a little wisdom I picked up from Curly Sue.  Whatever happened to that little girl?).

The secret is in the seasoning… which I actually suspect is just a massive jar of Lawry’s seasoning with a Dominic’s of New York Label slapped on the side.  I have yet to taste test my theory.  But I will.  And when I do, you’ll be among the first to know.

There you have it, the GREATEST Philly Cheesesteak known to mankind.

Ah, guilty pleasures.  What are some of yours?


*Please note that Clyde is not Clyde’s real name.


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5 Responses to Greatest Philly Cheesesteak Known to Mankind

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  2. Where do I find them in NYC??

  3. Brenda says:

    Have you tested your “Lawry’s Seasoning” theory? We’ve been trying for a few years to figure out what they use. The Dominic’s at the Newport News Lowe’s parking lot told my husband that it’s from “McCormick’s”. I’ve yet to find anything McCormick’s carries that resembles what they use, but I just gotta have it!!! The Philly Steak Sub from Dominic’s of New York is our most favorite we’ve ever tried. And yes, we have a punchcard! ^_^

    • stubbs says:

      I haven’t yet. I also haven’t had a Philly Cheesesteak in a very long time. I need to remedy both of these things in the near future.

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