Free Money!

Hey, I just had to share this offer… because there’s not much better than a guaranteed investment…

As most of you know, I am a little bit of an Amazoniac… I buy a lot of things from Amazon.  I buy books, ebooks, movies, music, and more pet gear than you could shake a stick at (although why you would shake a stick at pet gear I’m not really sure… that’s one of those phrases I don’t completely understand, but like to use anyway).

At any rate… Amazon runs local deals… and here’s one you don’t want to miss.  Today only, a special deal on:

Oh yeah.  $5’ll get you $10.  I can spend that.  And it doesn’t expire.

Just one more way Stubbs is taking care of you.

Even if you don’t regularly shop at Amazon… you could buy it as a gift… because you know at the $10 maximum gift exchange at the annual office  Holiday Party next winter, you are going to be struggling to come up with an idea that’s gender neutral… and how nice to already have something on-hand (that clocks in at half the price).

Just some thoughts.  I don’t get any kickbacks for this one… (at least I don’t think I do).  I just thought is was a stellar deal and wanted to share.

Have a great Tuesday!


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2 Responses to Free Money!

  1. Kevin says:

    The link did not work for me. 🙁
    Maybe they only like you…

    • stubbs says:

      boo! you might have to sign up for amazon local deals in order for the link to work. of course, now it’s a day late and $5 short. sorry about that.

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