Beware Before You Share

Apparently it’s my fault people are dying.  I figured it would be harmless to share a picture on Facebook:

Be careful about sharing this picture... its powers are real.
Be careful about sharing this picture… its powers are real.

So I shared it, and giggled a bit.  I only know one actual Justin Bieber fan, and one secret closeted fan (my niece) and, if I’m honest, I have one of his songs on my ipod.  “Baby.”  I play it to annoy people in my car on occasion.  Like I do with the nine versions of “Macarena” I possess and other gems like “In My Quiet Room.”  Irritatingly catchy songs are fun.  But now I’m getting way off track.  Back to the story.

Grumpy cat didn’t even have the Beebs name spelled correctly.  What harm could possibly come of sharing the picture?  Besides, that cat is hilarious to me every time I see it.  It’s probably because my Korean roommate laughs so hard at all things cats.  She says she’s genetically predisposed to it.  I don’t know.  But her laughter makes me laugh.

But I’m not laughing anymore.

Because within minutes of sharing that picture… the following headline appeared:

The Iron Lady
The Iron Lady

So, I made a joke about not realizing she was a Bieber fan, and posted the link.  No sooner had I done this, than this happened:

Annette... paving the way for such great Mouseketeers as Britney Spears.
Annette… paving the way for such great Mouseketeers as Britney Spears.

Grumpy cat’s powers are real.  Or maybe it’s the power of Facebook sharing.  That means I’m doomed for all the things I choose not to share!

I’m pretty much asking for cancer.

And I apparently don’t care about helping people get to one million likes.

And I don’t support gay marriage.

And I don’t support traditional marriage.

And I don’t love my father.  Or my sisters.  Or my cousins.

And I can expect six hundred million years of bad news instead of the greatest week of my life.

This has been a very eye-opening day for me.  Beware the pics you share on FB.  And the pics you don’t.

This public service announcement is brought to you by TST.  Please, if you care about anyone, share this post.  If you share this blog with everyone you know, you can expect that I will eventually become world famous for blogging, make millions of dollars off advertising and merchandise, and I might even be willing to loan some of it to you (for a very reasonable interest rate).  Otherwise you can expect more terrible things to happen in the world.  Seriously.  Do you really want to take the risk and just ignore this blog post?


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