Bacon and Weed

I broke with tradition.  There are no songs (that I’m aware of) about Bacon and Weed.  Someone should write one.  I also think it would have been better if the title were Bacon and Hashbrownies in keeping with the breakfast theme.  But I’m not talking about breakfast.  I am talking of none other than Messrs. Kevin Bacon and Josh Weed.

Kevin Bacon (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Kevin Bacon because his six degrees of separation from anyone on the planet have nothing on Stubbs!  Josh Weed because… well, I’ll tell you, as he is the topic of today’s post.

I was introduced to Josh Weed through a link on a friend’s Facebook page (thanks, Friend!)  It seems he had written a very poignant blog post about being gay, Mormon, and married with children.  It then sprung up like a weed all over the internet (do you like how I did that?).  It was reposted on Gawker.  It was written of by the Daily Mail (that’s in the UK for those of you unfamiliar).  Seriously, this thing went viral in a day.  It’s a really good post.  It’s a very personal post.  Here’s the bottom line of his post (but take the time to read it if you haven’t already)… love people where they are.

A few sites have kind of condemned him for his choice to live in a heterosexual marriage (I’ll let you figure out which those might be) because they think he is advocating this lifestyle choice as the “right” choice for homosexuals everywhere.  He isn’t.  In fact, he very clearly states that.  It was the best choice for him.  And his wife was in on it the entire time, so it’s not like she was duped.  In fact, she even has a segment on the post.  Anyway, I just liked the way that he broke down a very complex issue, and shared it with the entire world wide web.  Which wasn’t his intention.  It was to share it with his friends, family, and followers of his blog.  Which now includes most of the free world, I imagine.  Because everyone shared it with someone.  Which makes me wonder if Kevin Bacon has seen it?

At any rate, I subscribed to his blog to read more about this fascinating individual, and because I like to read blogs to reassure myself that I’m not alone in my madness get ideas for my blog (as if I don’t have enough in my draft folder, iPhone Notes app, and head list).  I had some spare time, so I went back to the beginning of his blog and started reading.  And reading.  And reading.

I came across a blog entry today called, “Did I ever tell you about the time I got thrown in jail in Venezuela?”.  Parts I and II.  And as I’m reading I’m thinking to myself, “I know this story.”  But I’d never heard of Josh Weed until this week.  I scrolled back to the top, thinking for some reason it might have said Argentina, but it didn’t, it said Venezuela.  And then I thought, “How crazy is this?!  This is the same story.  That I heard.  Once.”

Sleuthing Hat (Courtesy of Google Images)

So, I put on my sleuthing hat*, and went to work.  I appealed to the highest internet authority I know.  No, not Google.  That’s helpful when finding information out about one person.  If you want to link individuals you need something more powerful.  That’s right… I went straight to Facebook.  I did not pass Go.  I did not collect $200.  I went to my friend’s page (from whom I’d originally heard this story), and asked him if he ever served time with Josh Weed.  He hasn’t responded.  But who needs a response in this day and age when you can cyberstalk anyone?!

Step Two (yep, I added a step two when I never technically stated anything about a step one):  I checked out his friends list.  He has 274.  That means he probably knows everyone on his list personally.  And who do I find lurking on the friends list?  That’s right:  One Mr. Josh Weed!

Do you know what this means?!  This means we are practically related!  I heard this story once.  He blogged this story once.   He served time with this friend of mine.  I spent time with this friend of mine.  Things like this are not a coincidence.  It’s all adding up.  And that’s way better than anything Kevin Bacon has to offer.  Right?  Okay, I’ll admit that Footloose was pretty awesome.  But this is awesome, too!  Because the world is really, really, really small sometimes.  Almost like you could just reach out and touch someone without even trying.

I feel compelled to say that Josh’s version was better for me because it had pictures.  They weren’t actual pictures of the event.  But they were pictures nonetheless.  And I like pictures.  And commentary.

In retrospect, I could have titled this post, “It’s a Small World, After All”… but then you’d all hate me for implanting the song in your minds, and I have to admit, I figured more people would read a post about Bacon.  And Weed.

I want to end today’s post by stating that the spammers are a lot better at commenting on my posts than my readers.  And they are really complimentary.  Today I had one that said “You write with so much whimsy that it’s a pleasure to read your articles.”  Whimsy.  I’m tempted to tell my spam filter to allow the comments to post.  It makes me feel so good inside that autobots appreciate my work.  Because believe it or not, keeping up on a blog is a LOT of work.  If I’d known that before I started, I probably wouldn’t have.  And then where would we all be?

*I don’t actually have a sleuthing hat.  But it would be fun to get one.  My brother had one when we were growing up.  With a cloak.  And a magnifying glass.

UPDATE:  So you know how I originally heard about Weed from a friend who posted the link to his blog on her Facebook account (^^^ see above^^^).  Turns out… She is friends with both Weed and Weed’s Wife.  They grew up together.  And after they moved away, She and I became friends… so it’s like I filled that Weed void.  Which makes the bond tighter and the degrees of separation even fewer.  Yeah. Wild.  I know.

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4 Responses to Bacon and Weed

  1. Todd Andrewsen says:

    I enjoy reading your posts since they’re thoughtful and though provoking. Thanks for providing the interesting and unique perspectives that I know you for. ciao!

    • stubbs says:

      Thanks, Todd, not just for your comments, but for commenting at all. I appreciate it! Good luck with the book launch!

  2. Caroline Hartnettq says:

    Hey Stubbs ~ I just wanted to stop by and say Thank You for all your hardwork with this blog because it is the only one I subscribe to and I look forward to every post. I am a bit of FB stalker myself and came to know you through your adoption of Marty and Joe. My original intent was to keep up with you and your boys (whom I ADORE); however, you threw me a curve ball with your thoughtful narrative with sprinklings of humor and/or sarcasm which are all things I enjoy when reading. To me, words put together in whatever medium are to convey the feeling, emotion and thought underlying whatever is being told….and you accomplish that very well. SO Thank You for my mini vacations from my own world into yours….I welcome each occasion and look forward to the next. Take GOOD Care and hugs to the boys!!!

    • stubbs says:


      Thank you so much for your comments! I was teasing about the spambots (sort of) because I wanted to generate a little more discussion on some of the posts so I know what people are interested in reading. I feel very honored to be the only blog to which you subscribe! That’s a pretty big compliment. I will try to keep it interesting, so you don’t regret that decision. I’ll try to keep regular posts about Joe and Marty and our adventures together, since that’s what you came for originally (as if I could keep myself from writing about them).

      Thanks again!


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