50 First Dates – Where are They Now (1-10)?

Occasionally I receive questions about my first dates from people who wonder what ever happens with these guys after our first date.  So here are the answers to the first ten:

Flexor the Fl-expert in High-Pressure Dating Tactics:  Seriously?  Does anyone actually care what happened with this guy?  He continued to text me regularly with emoticons for a couple of weeks after our first date.  I politely responded as time permitted because I am not completely heartless, but his interest eventually waned as I did very little to encourage him.  My guess is that he is back in his home gym, flexing his muscles in the mirror and practicing his very best lines with which to impress the first girl he can find with low self-esteem and questionable morals.

The Awkwardly Awesome Exception:  I didn’t write much about this date until several weeks after it happened.  Mostly because he completely derailed me in the most unexpected ways.  I totally would have given up the rest of my 50 dates for more with this one, if he’d asked, but he didn’t, so I bravely pressed forward.  We actually had a second date, which I wanted to write about as its own first date because he grew a beard.  Some readers said a beard counts as a secret identity, while others told me it was cheating.  I didn’t end up writing about it.  Unfortunately, he recently made the acquaintance of a young lady whom he erroneously seems to fancy a wee bit more than awkward little me (crazy, right?).  Unrequited love… It feels so good when you start out.  My head is screaming GET A GRIP, GIRL!

And Then What Happened?:  I like plain bagels with plain cream cheese.  And plain potato chips (kettle chips, in particular).  Original Pringles.   Whole milk [organic or raw].  Water.  A naked steak.  But not all the time.  I also like curry, jalapeños,  garlic, salted butter, bacon, and chocolate milk [among other things with flavor].  Oh, and I like stories that keep me engaged.  I suppose this date is one of those stories with a cliffhanger… except that the writers went on strike before that episode aired and nobody even noticed.  I have no idea what happened to him.  He left town.  Then I left town.  We exchanged a couple of texts and then… nothing.  To be fair, it was probably me that forgot to respond (it usually is).  He was a genuinely nice guy even if he wasn’t a great storyteller.

Bob’s Big Boy:  We’ve stayed in touch over text, but I’ve been traveling when he’s been home, and he’s been traveling when I’ve been home.  I’m sure we’ll get the dogs together again sometime… I am just not sure when that will be.  And it’s getting less and less certain by the moment.  Life is funny that way.  Mine in particular.

Arnold Palmer:  This poor guy.  I’ve been meaning to write him an actual message for weeks going on months.  We exchanged a couple of texts, and my life has been insane.  I haven’t even logged onto my Match account (which is where we met) since this date happened.  I just don’t have the energy for it.  Someday I would do well to remedy that.

The Professor from the Three-Hour Tour:  This is still one of the best conversationalists with whom I’ve had the pleasure of spending time.  After our first date, he went on a first date with one of my best friends.  He complained mentioned to her that I had talked about some of my other dates on our date.  He may not fully appreciate irony.  And to be fair, he also talked about many of his dating experiences on our first date.  His dating life just wasn’t organized as formally as mine.  We have not been in contact since he flew back home.

Farm Boy/The Doctor:  We text quite regularly.  He even invited me to join him in Iceland for a few days this month.  Unfortunately, time and funds being in short supply and high demand, I was unable to accept the invitation.  We will see each other again.  He appeals to my inner geek in a lot of ways.  He is also way smarter than me, but he doesn’t act like it.  That makes it fun.

Dr. Egon Spengler a.k.a. The White Rabbit:  We are still in contact and will probably get together again.  He recently graduated his final SF course (language training) and is preparing to relocate to his assigned group.

Spiderman vs. the Bulbous Bouffant:  Considering we were friends long before this experiment ever started, and further considering I was not a whiny little girl on our first date, we are still friends.  He actually came out to visit me again recently and I took him on a whirlwind tour of my childhood stomping grounds, he lead climbed Mount Olympus so I could check that off my bucket list, and I subjected him to Crochet Sunday with the ladies.  Oh… and we met Sean Astin at Fantasy Con and he totally high-fived us three times.  No big deal.

Run, Forrest, Run/The Flash:  Who knows?  Last I saw he was a giant blur running as quickly as he could in the opposite direction from me.  But hey, I’m sure he’s winning and looks good doing it.

And there you have it.   Can you believe that is only the first ten of 50 first dates?  We have a long way to go, Hitchhikers.  Stay tuned for more mayhem and madness.  The next two dates will be quite unique, I assure you.


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  1. Ghazi says:

    Wow- 10 already! And I think I messed up the beard reference earlier. Glad to see they have code names now. Maybe that will help keep track of them… I could never be a player; I have a hard time remembering one name, let alone ten.

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