48 First Dates

This post intentionally left blank…

… Until Now.

UPDATE:  Okay, so I originally thought it would be funny to leave this one blank… and I was amused by it, so it served its purpose.  But it also seemed a little unfair to not write about this first date since I’m writing about all of my first dates.

The problem with writing about this first date is that I really don’t know where to begin or end.  It was a lot of fun, not because we planned great activities (although we did), but because the person who showed up was a lot of fun to be around.  The activities were secondary and largely irrelevant.  But, just because people want to know:  we went canoeing with alligators, ate sushi, took a tour to a television and radio station with a group of Cub Scouts, went out for ice cream, walked dogs (a few times), and chatted awkwardly in the parking lot like we were in high school while trying to figure out how to say good night.

I really liked this date, and I can’t account for it.  I don’t actually know this person; I just knew it would be a fun time.  And it was.  But it went way beyond my expectations of fun.  Granted, my expectations were set pretty low after that first fiasco, but I don’t think it would have mattered if this first date happened when it did, or if it happened following any of the really great first dates I’ve been on.

I hesitate to write much about it because I’m going to wind up sounding like a giddy little creeper if I’m not careful.  And I’m not quite there [yet].  It was just nice because I tend to live life out loud… and I didn’t feel like I needed to turn it down at all with this date.  I felt like I could be my normal (my normal, not everyone else normal), geeky, frequently odd, ADHD self.  Sure, it helps when you are only going on first dates to be yourself and not worry too much.  But, truth be told, I tone myself down a lot because I don’t think most of my dates can handle the extreme, bigger-on-the-inside fire hose of my personality (at least not all at once on the first date).  This one could, and I administered a pretty high dose; he didn’t seem totally scared off by who I am.  It was really nice to be genuinely me in any given moment.  He seemed to be able to hold his own, and was equally comfortable being himself (or gave a really good impression of being so).  Plus, he understood nearly all of my obscure references (and he likes Davy Jones and the Monkees!).

I’m not sure which of the following clips is a more accurate depiction of me (oh who am I kidding? I’m probably Elliot in both scenes, and now I might need to revisit Scrubs):

It’s work to keep conversation flowing on a lot of my first dates.  That’s not to say that they are poor conversationalists, it’s just that it takes work to form connections and get people talking freely.  I make an effort for each of them, and it always pays off and I get to know some really great people that way.  I didn’t have to make the effort for this one; it just sort of happened on its own.  That was nice.

This date, for the little bit that I know him, somehow manages to inspire me to want to be a better person.  Not because I feel inadequate, but just because I’d like to be better tomorrow than I am today.

We never had any seriously deep discussions; we were too busy having fun, so don’t go reading too much into what I’m writing.  It isn’t even possible for anything to come out of this anyway:  he doesn’t have the time or inclination to date (obvious first date exception), and I am on a quest to date as many people as I can, solely for fun (not to develop a relationship).  So you see, we’re at odds (well, at odds with dating, but strangely aligned in not dating).

While I am quite certain that nothing is going to develop from this specific first date (see above); the entire experience let me know that there are people out there that will “get me” without trying to force it.  And that’s a really great feeling.

Here’s to finding one to steal…

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7 Responses to 48 First Dates

  1. Walter says:

    Went that well did it?


    Or do the police need to start looking? *eek*

    • stubbs says:

      Well, I would say it went [unexpectedly] well… but I’m a little biased. We will have to wait until he posts his review of our first date on Yelp to know if the experience was mutual.

  2. GrisGris says:

    (the post, not the event!)

  3. Walter says:

    Yelp is a dating review site now? Thank goodness I’m married. I’d hate to see my reviews. “-42 stars”

    Of course it begs the question how would he know of your wonderful blog on the first date and/or convinced you to wait until his review to post yours. Or how you would know of his intentions to review your date. I wouldn’t think that level of honesty would occur on a first date.

    Of course my dating history predated social media…

    • stubbs says:

      Hahaha. Nope. Yelp is not a dating review site (to my knowledge). It was just something we talked about on the date that it might be funny to give my first dates a place where they could also review our first date.

      He knew about my blog because like any good non-Trog he did his due diligence (internet stalking) ahead of time. There are a couple of my upcoming firsts that know about the blog. He also did not convince me not to review our date or even to hold off. I just posted what I did for my own amusement (and also because I hadn’t actually thought about what I was going to write).

      48 to go!

  4. Ghazi says:

    Curiouser and curiouser…

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