15 10 Things Bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD Don’t Do

I keep seeing all these lists about things that [insert adjective here] people do/don’t do that makes them different than the [insert antonym of previous adjective here] don’t do/do. Always late to a party and looking to fit right in with everyone else… I figured I’d better join in so you could finally understand what makes me so amazing.

1.  Write Regular Posts.  Bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD don’t post on a regular basis.  They realize there might be such thing as too much of a good thing and prefer to keep the world wanting and waiting.

2.  Finish Everything They Start.  From eating dinner, to dishes, to blog posts, to remodeling projects, to high school, to sentences, to lists, to wor…

3.  Except for Books.  Bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD finish every book they start.  Even if it is not a good book.  Even if it is The Brothers Karamazov and takes two years because they were probably a little young when they started it, but because they opened the cover they are committed.  Even if they are still trying to get through Leviticus.

4.  Remember What Inspired Them to Begin This Post in the First Place.  Bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD know there was something they thought about that they don’t do… and it made them laugh just thinking about it… and then this blog post idea was born so they could write about it and share the laughter, and they thought to themselves, “I’d better get started on it right now before I forget the idea.”  Following which they immediately open a new tab, start the post, and promptly forget what they were going to write about to begin with.

5.  Know When to Pack it In.  Bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD have a really hard time knowing when to say when.  Maybe because they have a hard time with time itself.  Sometimes there’s too much of it, but more frequently there’s too little.

6.  Respond to Texts and Emails in a Timely Manner. Bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD respond all the time… in their heads.  In fact, we respond over and over until the response is absolutely perfect.  And then we arrive at our destination and get out of the car.  Or step out of the shower and get ready for the day (oh my goodness!  Q-tips.  That’s why I walked in the bathroom three hours ago… oops!  forgot again).

7.  Keep a Calendar and Make Concrete Plans.  Concrete plans are difficult for bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD… because there is a better than average chance that we already committed to something at whatever time/date you are requesting.  And it’s happened often enough that we prefer to remain non-committal with all planning.  I have a calendar.  I have three or four of them.  They are mostly blank, and yet I am always busy.

9.  One Thing at a Time.  “Um, what did you say?”  Bloggers with Stubby Thumbs and ADHD say that a lot.  I’m sorry, I was probably reading a photo caption, crafting a perfect email response in my head, and reliving some major or minor event and rewriting the ending to make it more complete.  I totally forgot to listen to you.  Again.  Last week, my boss had to repeat himself multiple times because I could not stay focused on what he was saying past his first sentence.  I told him as much, and he graciously repeated himself.  Again.  And then again.  Each time his delivery got shorter… unfortunately, so did my attention span.  I told him he should be more interesting.  It was a rough week.

10.  Count.  

Yay, ten.  All finished.


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